The Lions Abijah Network (The Lions whose father is God): We are a group of people who do not like the direction that our country is headed, and we want to do something to unify all of the followers of the love based religions. Did you know that 90% of our country believes in God. However, this body of people never opperates at full strength, because we are divided due to our separate religious beliefs. Lets join together and speak in one voice, move as one body, and start changing the course of our country's future! There are no strings attached. We are not some cult, and we don't need money. We are just concerned people who are tired of watching "the tail wag the dog". If you are interested simply click on the provided email link: , type in your email address, and you will immediately become apart of our growing pride. You will recieve periodic news letters, discounts on all our Heaventown RTF/AGC  merchandise, and last but not least, free 24 hour  phone and/or email counseling services!



This year alone 3.5 million studetns will drop out of high school!  This means that every 20 seconds a child somewhere is choosing to give up on their future. The difference bewteen students whose life path leads them away from education, and deeper into the forest of ignorance, vice & incarceration, and those whose path leads them towards education, knowledge, wisdom, and the light of freedom, is often family. Pope John Paul II said “As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.” Our traditional families are disappearing at an alarming rate. Childhood is now besmirched by trauma, and hope and self-discipline have been replaced by despair and self-indulgence. As our country’s dropout rates soar, Project H.O.P.E. is the cure!


Community Resources

C-PEP Comprehensive Pyschiatric Emergency Program 315-462-0425

SPECIAL NOTE: For after school hours you can call Life line 800-310-0425 and say "I'd like someone from C-PEP to come and evaluate my child." C-PEP will often make home and/or school visits.

Mental Health LIFELINE 1-800-310-1160 

*Dr. Peg Kennedy, Licensed Psychologist (M, W, TH) 1.315.781.6617
35 Mason St. Suite 214 Geneva, NY 14456

*Mark Salvatore Pitifer MS, CAS (Child & Adolescent Counselor) Specialist in Self-Image Enhancement. Also Marriage & Family Counseling. 

THE MARRIAGE DOCTOR: Are you thinking of getting a divorce or  even more importantly, are you thinking of getting married? If you are, then you should seriously consider scheduling an appointment before proceeding any further. One meeting with the Marriage Doctor could positively impact the rest of your life!

Emergency 315-945-2005
WORK: 315-539-1542 

National Resources

SUICIDE HOTLINE 1-800-784-2433

CRISIS HOTLINE 1-800-273-8255

Child Abuse Hotline 1.800.635.1522

Poison Control Center 1.800.333.0542

NYS Domestic Violence Hotline 1.800.942.6906

Rape & Abuse Crisis Service of the Finger Lakes 1.800.247.7273