REVELATION 18                          (PITT'S RENDITION)  

    I saw an Angel come down from Heaven, having great power, and the Earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried in a mighty voice, saying, “The United States of America, is fallen, is fallen. It has become the home of Satan and his demons-for all the nations have drunk the wine of her excessive immorality.  The merchants of the world have all gotten rich through the abundance of her wealth.” 

     I heard a voice form Heaven, saying, “Come out of her my children, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues which will begin very soon. Her sins are piled up as high as Heaven, and God has seen her iniquities. Therefore shall her disasters come in one day (in a single hour!)-death and mourning and famine. She will be utterly burned by fire, never to rise again. All the world leaders, who took part in her immoral acts and enjoyed her favors, will mourn for her as they see the smoke rising from her charred remains. 

     They will stand far off, trembling with fear and crying out, “Alas, America, that mighty country! In one moment her judgment fell.” The merchants of the Earth will weep and mourn for her, because there is no one left to buy their goods. She was their biggest and best customer. She bought and sold everything imaginable, even the souls of people. “All the fancy things you loved so much are gone. The dainty luxuries and splendor that you prized so much will never be yours again.” The merchants will cry out “America was so beautiful-like a woman dressed in the finest clothes and jewelry. In one moment all the wealth in the country is gone!” And all the shipowners and captains on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans will stand along way off crying “Where in all the world is there another country such as this? 

     Poor-poor America, she made us all rich from her great wealth, and now in a single hour all she has is gone.” Then a mighty Angel picked up a boulder shaped like a millstone and threw it into the ocean and shouted, “The United States of America, the great country, shall be thrown away as I have thrown away this stone, and she shall disappear forever. Never again will the sound of music be there-no more pianos, saxophones, and trumpets. No industry of any kind will ever again exist there, and there will be no milling of steel, or wheat. Dark, dark will be her nights; not even a lamp in a window will ever be seen again. No more joyous wedding bells and happy voices of the bridegrooms and brides. Her businessmen were known all around the world and she deceived all nations with her Sorceries. 

     The spirit that brought down America, is the same evil spirit that brought down Babylon and all the great empires that followed. This evil spirit is also responsible for the blood of all the martyred prophets and the saints. God bless, and please save America! Pray often and always. Awaken! The kingdom of Heaven is at hand! ENTERTAIN THE POSSIBLITIES OF GOD, Jesus, & HEAVEN! 





  "One film will come upon the scene that will contain the fingerprints of creations at which time all humanity shall be enlightened." 
- Ellie Crystal